HoLa TeX users, this solution is for you.

Use HoLaTeX with the fabulous latex syntax to generate Math formula, TikZ, CircuiTikZ or PGFPlots graphics.


AMSMath – AMS mathematical features for LATEX


Author: American Mathematical Society
Source: The AMSMath manual

CircuiTikZ – Draw electrical networks with TikZ


Authors: Massimo A. Redaelli / Stefan Lindner / Stefan Erhardt / Romano Giannetti
Source: The CircuiTikZ manual

TikZ and PGF – Create graphics in TEX


Author: Till Tantau
Source: The PGF/TikZ manual

PGFPlots – Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions


Authors: Dr. Christian Feuersänger / Jake
Source: The PGFPLOTS manual


HoLaTeX is available in three products:


WEB application

The WEB application is available on this site at the page playground. From this page, you can generate your own graphics in SVG / PNG, and download them for whatever use you want. We invite you to use HoLaTeX (it is free, and no account required).

Atlassian Confluence plug-in (add-on)

The Confluence plug-in is available on the Atlassian marketopen_in_new. This plug-in is securely integrated with Confluence, all data (code and result graphics) are saved on your Confluence instances, and no data are send to external servers.

MS Office add-in

MS Office add-in

The Add-in for MS Office is available on the Microsoft Appsourceopen_in_new. This Add-in is securely integrated with Word and PowerPoint, all data (code and result diagrams) are saved in your documents (.docx or .pptx), and no data are send to external servers.

MS Office add-in

Google Workspace add-on

The Add-on for Google Workspace is available on the Google Workspace Marketplaceopen_in_new. This Add-on is securely integrated with Docs and Slides, all data (code and result diagrams) are saved in your Google Drive files, and no data are send to external servers.


How does it work?

HoLaTeX is a javascript application that runs on the local browser. All tex language to svg image is handled entirely locally, without any call for web services. Thus, all your data remains local on your computer.

Why the latex packages list is limited?

HoLaTeX is built with a preloaded package list, as a dynamic payload would be too complex to implement and too long to run.

Can it generate latex documents in pdf?

No, HoLaTeX can not generate PDF, the output is limited to SVG and PNG only. Please use a complet distribution like TexLive for full latex features.


Packages (PDF Manual)

Gallery (Web)


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